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Welcoming addres by  The Organizing Committee


Opening Speech from the Rector of Universitas Islam Indonesia


Remarks by the Chairman of the Indonesian Chemical Society

(Himpunan Kimia Indonesia, HKI)




Scientific Committees




Invited Speaker


Shaobin Wang

Graphene Supported Oxide Systems for Catalytic Oxidation of Organic Compounds in Aqueous Solution for Water Treatment

Phys. Chem


Tatsufumi Okino

Chemistry and biology of brominated compounds

from marine algae Laurencia spp.




Chlorophyll and Carotenoid Prospects on Food, Health and Energy



Katsumi Kaneko

Molecular Functions of 1 nm-Scale Pore Spaces and their Application Potential to Sustainable Technologies

Inor. Chem


Fethi Kooli

Al13 Intercalated  and Pillared Montmorillontes from Unusual Antiperspirant Aqueous Solutions: Precursors for Porous Clay Heterostructures  and Heptane Hydro-Isomerization Catalytic Activities

Phys. Chem



Characterizing Microporous Structures using Nitrogen Adsorption-Desorption Isotherm for Activated Carbon Prepared with Different Zinc Chloride Concentrations

Inor. Chem




Ariestya Arlene A., Anastasia Prima K.

Extraction Equilibrium Curve of Red Food Coloring From Rosella

Anal. Chem 002


Bambang Purwono, Tutik Dwi Wahyuningsih, Widya Hadi Kusmawan

Synthesis of 2-Allyl-6-Methoxy-4-Phenyliminomethyl Phenol from Vanillin and Its Used as An Acid-Base Titration Indicator

Anal. Chem 003


Barlah Rumhayati, Chasan Bisri, Risma Putri Disicahyani

Removal of Heavy Metals and Nutrients in Drinking Water Sources using Acrylamide Hydrogel Pairs Containing Ferrihydrite and Chelex-100 Adsorbents

Anal. Chem 004


Budiana I Gusti M. Ngurah, Jumina, Chairil Anwar, Mustofa

Synthesis and Characterization of Benzoyl octaethoxycalix[4]arene for UV Radiation Protection

Anal. Chem 005


Deswati, Hamzar Suyani, Hilfi Pardi and Umiati Loekman

The Method of the Development Analysis  of Fe, Co, Ni and Cr  by Adsorptive Stripping Voltammetry (AdSV) for  Monographs  the Determination of  Trace Metals

Anal. Chem 006


Eva Maria Widyasari, Iswahyudi

Toxicity Test On Radiopharmaceutical 99mTc-Kanamycin in Mice (Swiss)

Anal. Chem 007


Galuh Yuliani, Nur Fitria, Ratna Agustiningsih

UV- Induced Colour Generation of Pulp and Paper Mill Effluent and Its Treatment using Electrocoagulation Technique

Anal. Chem 010


Kris Tri Basuki 

Effect of Injection Time and Concentration and pH On The Existence of Ozone Bacterium Escherichia Coli Process With Ozonation Disinfection of Drinking Water

Anal. Chem 014


Kris Tri Basuki, M. Santoso, N. Muhayati

Neutron Activation Analysis Application For Determination of Microelements Foodstuffs In Central Java

Anal. Chem 015


Manihar Situmorang and Isnaini Nurwahyuni

Amperometric Biosensor for the Dertemination Cholesterol in Traditional Food Samples

Anal. Chem 016


Muhayatun, Diah Dwiana Lestiani, Syukria Kurniawati, Woro Yatu Niken, Natalia Adventini

Multi Elemental Characterization of Coal by Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis and X-Ray Fluorescence

Anal. Chem 018


Mulyono Daryoko, Yuli Purwanto

Calculation of Radioactive Waste in the Graphite Thermal Column of the Kartini Reactor, when Carried Out Decommissioning

Anal. Chem 019


Noer Komari, Radna Nurmasari, Ika Noormeidasari

Optimization on Column in Adsorption of Cr (VI) by Eichhornia crassipes Biomass

Anal. Chem 020


Peristiwan Ridha Widhi Astana, Agus Triyono, Sunu Pamadyo

Clinical Observation of Jamu Formula for Haemmorhoid Treatment

Anal. Chem 026


Poppy Intan Tjahaja, Putu Sukmabuana, Neneng Nur Aisyah

Extraction of 134Cs from Soil Using EDTA and DTPA Chelating Agents: A Soil Column Study

Anal. Chem 027


Qonitah Fardiyah, Akhmad Sabarudin, Mahani Daninda

Fabrication and Characterization Coated Wire Lead (II) Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) Based on Pyrophyllite

Anal. Chem 029


Reni Banowati Istiningrum, Christny Desiree Tiwow, Satya Candra Wibawa Sakti, Nuryono

Synthesis of Quaternary Ammonium Silica Xerogel from Rice Husk

Anal. Chem 032



Synthesis and electrochemical characterization of Nickel-Cobalt Porous Electrode

Anal. Chem 034


Slamet Sumardi, Fika Rofiek Mufakir, Nurbaiati Marsas

The effect of Sulfuric Acid Concentration and Temperature On leaching Low  Grade Manganese Ore in  Way Kanan Lampung

Anal. Chem 037



Leaching Behaviour of Low Grade Lateritic Ore For Sulawesi

Anal. Chem 038


Sri Adelila Sari, Fajrina Humayra

Qualitative Determination of Formalin in Salted Fish from Traditional Markets, Banda Aceh

Anal. Chem 039


Syukria Kurniawati, Muhayatun Santoso, Diah Dwiana Lestiani, Nasjilah Muhayati, Endah Damastuti

Application of NAA for Fe and Zn Determination in Foodstuffs from Several Cities in Central Java

Anal. Chem 043


Umi Laila, Sri Pudjiraharti, Een Sri Endah

The Opportunity of Zeolite, Bleaching Earth, and Granular Activated Carbon as  Difructose Anhydride III Decolorization Agent

Anal. Chem 044


Wahyu Perdana Wuryaningsih, Maria Christina Prihatiningsih, Isti Daruwati

Labeling of M41S-NH2 Nanomaterial with Technetium-99m using Pyrophosphate as Co-Ligand in Radiosynovectomy Applications

Anal. Chem 045


Zainus Salimin, Pungky Ayu Artiani, and Endang Nuraeni

Utilization of Immobilized Extracellular Polymeric Substance on Epoxy Polymer for Removing of Chromium

Anal. Chem 049


Harry Cahyono, Hanik Humaida, Sri Hartiyatun

Penyelidikan Geokimia Gunung Slamet 2012

Anal. Chem 050



Matrix Interferences Study in Solution Containing Arsenic, Cadmium and Lead by ICP-AES

Anal. Chem 051


Yuli Rohyami, Julia Rahayu

Spectrophotometric Determination of Iron(II) and Iron(III) in Well Water

Anal. Chem 052


Andika Bayu Aji, Suryono, Harry Cahyono, Sri Hartiyatun

Geochemical Investigation of Water and Volcanic Gas at Mount Wilis’ Slope

Anal. Chem 053


Yeanchon H. Dulanlebit and M. Bachri Amran

Development of Analysis Method for Iodine Based on Flow Injection Analysis

Anal. Chem 054


Atikah, Rizki Layna R, Rizka Setianing Wardhani

Zeolite Carbon Composite Polyvinyl-Coated Wire Electrode Asiodine Sensor to Detect Iodine Deficiency Disorders

Anal. Chem 055


Julius Pontoh

Brown Sugar Color for the Sugar Quality Assessment

Anal. Chem 056


Retno Ariadi Lusiana, Dwi Siswanta, Mudasir

Study of Urea and Creatinine Transport Through N-Carboxymethyl Chitosan/Poly Vynyl Alcohol (N-CMC/PVA)  Blend Membrane

Anal. Chem 057


Ni Made Wiratini, I Made  Gunamantha

Effectively Volume of Sea Water Buleleng in Degradation Landfill Leachate at Bengkala Waste Rubbish by Electrooxidation Technique

Anal. Chem 058


Widodo B., Ribut L, Kasam, Ike Agustina

Domestic Waste Reduction Strategies for Code River Pollution in Yogyakarta Special Region

Anal. Chem 059


Pravil M. Tambunan, Hamonangan Nainggolan, Jamahir Gultom,

The Study of pH and Minerals Fe, Ca, Mg and Cl Effects on Growth of Koi (Cyrpinus carpio) in Aquarium Filled by River Tuntungan Water

Anal. Chem 060


Akbarningrum Fatmawati, Yusnita Liasari, Tjie Kok

Effect of pH and Fermentation Time on the Biohydrogen Production from Sugar Cane Molasse

Anal. Chem 061


Kun Sri Budiasih, Chairil Anwar, Sri Juari Santosa, Hilda Ismail

Molybdenum Complexes with Amino Acids as Antihyperglicemic  Agent :  Preparation and Spectroscopic Studies*)

Anal. Chem 063


Johnly Alfreds Rorong

Analysis of Ferrous Ion Species in Agriculture Waste as Biosensitizer in Iron Photoreduction Process

Anal. Chem 066


Bakhadir Rismetov, Ivandini Tribidasari A., Endang Saepudin, Yasuaki Einaga

Development of an Immunochromatographic Strip Test and electrochemical detection of melamine using Platinum deposited Boron-Doped Diamond (BDD) electrode

Anal. Chem 067


Tresye Utari, Yoki Yulizar, Dedy Mahardika

Banana Peel-Nanochitosan Biocomposite for Pb(II) Ions Removal from Industrial Wastewater

Anal. Chem 068


Agus Triyono, Peristiwan Ridha, Sunu Pamadyo

The Effect of Hypertension Herbs Formula to The Liver Functions

Bio. Chem 001


Arifah Khusnuryani, Erni Martani, Tri Wibawa

Biodegradation of Phenol by Native Bacteria Strains Isolated from Polluted and Non-Polluted Sources

Bio. Chem 003


Dewi Astuti Herawati,D. Andang Arif Wibawa, Dina Haryanti

Effect of Urea Addition on Biogas Production from Waste Water Industrial Alcohol (Vinasse).

Bio. Chem 005


A.A. Istri Ratnadewi, Sukartiningrum, Wuriyanti Handayani, Ni Nyoman Tri Puspaningsih, and Ni’matuzahroh

Determination of Phylogenetic Tree of Xylanolitic Bacteria Abdominal System Soil Termite based on 16S rRNA.

Bio. Chem 006


Ermiziar Tarmizi, Raskita Saragih, Detin Audriyanti Dento

Study of The Effect of Laser Light on Antocyanin Pigment of red color Melinjo Peels

Bio. Chem 007


Lalu Rudyat Telly Savalas, An Nuurun Nisa, Handa Muliasari and Yunita Arian Sani Anwar

Construction and Expression of Human Disrupted in Renal Carcinoma 2 (DIRC2) in Escherichia coli

Bio. Chem 012


Leny Heliawati, Agus Kardinan,Tri Mayanti, Roekmi-ati  Tjokronegoro

Cytotoxic Activity Against P-388 Murine Cells from the Seeds of Gewang (Corypha Utan Lamk)

Bio. Chem 013


Lestariana W, Akhmad SA, Mujianto, Effendi AT

Prevalence  of Estrogen Receptor Alpha (ESRα) Gene Polymorphism in Javenese postmenopausal Women with DM type 2

Bio. Chem 014


Ricson Pemimpin Hutagaol, Mamay Maslahat and M. Lukman Amir

Nutrition and Anti-Nutrition Substances Analysis of Several Taros (Colocasia esculenta L. Schott) from Bogor.

Bio. Chem 017


Rudy Agustriyanto, Akbarningrum Fatmawati

Bioprocess System Identification of Continuous Fermentation

Bio. Chem 020


Rumondang Bulan, Firman Sebayang, Emma Zaidar Nst.

The Effect of Optimum pH and Temperature Against Crude Lipase Enzyme Activity from Rubber Seed Germination

Bio. Chem 021


Saryanto, Danang Ardiyanto

Pre-Clinical Study of Jamu Formula for Hemorrhoids

Bio. Chem 024


Siti Maryam

Antioxidant  Activity  in Cowpea “Tempe”  (Vigna unguiculata (L) Walp) Fermented with Traditional and Powder Inoculum

Bio. Chem 026


Suharwadji Sentana

Using of Chemical and Physical Properties of Fruits for a Sortation Processing in the Food Industry

Bio. Chem 027


Yohanes Martono and Dewi K.A.K.H

Optimization of Production Process Stevia Beverages with Antidiabetic Activity

Bio. Chem 029


Firman Sebayang, Jamaran Kaban

Chemistry Department, Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam, University of Sumatera Utara, Jl. Bioteknologi No. 1 Medan

Bio. Chem 030


Hartiwi Diastuti, Yana Maolana Syah, Lia Dewi Juliawaty, Marlia Singgih

Antibacterial Activity of Dehidrocurdione and Curdione from n-Hexane Exctracts of Curcuma aeruginosa Rhizomes

Bio. Chem 032


Rina Masriani1, Meliawati2

The Effect of Cultures  Storage Time in The Glycerol Stocks on The Properties of Endoglucanase Egl-II in Bacillus megaterium

Bio. Chem 034


Yusnita Liasari, Akbarningrum Fatmawati, Tjie Kok

Production of Biohydrogen from Sugarcane Molasses using Cow Dung as Inoculum: The Effect of Substrate Concentration and Incubation Temperature

Bio. Chem 035


Dedi K.R Abdullah, Didin Mujahidin, dan Yana M. Syah

Antibacterial Activities and Quantitative Analysis of  5,6-Dehydrokawain of The Rhizomes and Fruits Extracts of Alpinia Malaccensis

Bio. Chem 036


Maureen Kumaunang, Vanda Selvana Kamu

In Silico Analysis of Copper Chaperone in Heavy Metal Tolerant Bacteria

Bio. Chem 037


Rachel Turalely, Ruslin Hadanu, Ferymon Mahulete

In Vitro Antiplasmodial Activity of Hexane  Extract of Kapur Leaf (Harmsiopanax aculetaus Harms)

Bio. Chem 039


Hasnah Natsir, Seniwati Dali, Nurlaeli Fattah, Muhammad Nadir

Enzymatic Production of Chitosan from the White Shrimp Waste (Penaeus merguiensis) and Its Application as Preservatives in Fishery Products

Bio. Chem 040


Rofiq Sunaryanto, Danang Waluyo, Anis Herliani Mahsunah

Isolation, Purification, and Characterization of Antimicrobial Substance from Endophytes Actinomycetes

Bio. Chem 041


Susi Sugesty, Teddy Kardiansyah

The Potential of Acacia crassicarpa as Paper Pulp and Dissolving Pulp (Pulp Rayon) Raw Materials for Industrial Plantation Forest

Bio. Chem 042


Ida Farida Ch,  Venny Purwati

The Profile of Prospective Student Teachers'  Chemical Representational Ability of Solubility Equilibrium Concept using Chemsense Animator Tools

Edu. Chem 008


Krisna Merdekawati, Tatang Shabur Julianto

The Effect of Cooperative Learning on Fathanah Character and Student Achievement in Chemistry

Edu. Chem 010


M. Mahfudz Fauzi S., Noor Fadiawati, Nina Kadaritna

Chemical Equilibrium Topic Through Chemical Representation Learning

Edu. Chem 011


Muhamad Imaduddin, Sri Haryani,      Suharto Linuwih

Teaching Multiple Level of Representation Through Directed Activities Related to Texts in Chemistry

Edu. Chem 013


Nova Irawati Simatupang, Manihar Situmorang

Innovation of Senior High School Chemistry Textbook to Improve Students Achievement in Chemistry

Edu. Chem 014


Ramlan Silaban, Mutiara Agustina Nst

Application of An Instructional Model  to Improve Learning Outcomes and Communicative and Self-Confidence Character’s on Teaching Solution Chemistry For XI Grade Senior High School

Edu. Chem 016


Ricky Andi Syahputra, Rahmat Nauli,           Ani Sutiani

The Implementation of Quantum Teaching Model with Module to Increase Student’s Achievement in Teaching of Hydrocarbon

Edu. Chem 017


Ronaldo Irzon

Post-positivist Paradigm as a Basic Sharpening Research Methodology for Powerful Knowledge Discovery in Geochemistry Laboratory Management

Edu. Chem 019


Syaefudin Ali Akhmad

Integrating Biomedical Ethics and Ethics of Environmental Chemistry

Edu. Chem 021



Student Grade Profile Of Chemistry Experiment In International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) Training On National Level

Edu. Chem 023


Achmad Shofi, Widi Astuti, Fajar Nurjaman

The Effect of Heat Treatment with Quenching Media Variation and Tempering Temperature on Micro Structure and Hardness High Cromium White Cast Iron Material

Inor. Chem 001


Ahmad Suseno, Priyono, Karna Wijaya,Wega Trisunaryanti

Study of Structure and Morphology of Surfactant–Modified Al-pillared Natural Bentonite

Inor. Chem 004


Aman Sentosa Panggabean, Subur P. Pasaribu, Nadira, Endah Novita Sari

Synthesis of A Chelating Resin Chitosan-1,5-Diphenyl Carbazide and Characterization of Retention toward Cr(VI) Ions

Inor. Chem 007


Anti K. Prodjosantoso

Preparation and Characterisation of Chloride-Free Palladium Catalysts

Inor. Chem 008


Dwi Rasy Mujiyanti, Totok Wiantoi, M. Fahmi Arif

Synthesis and Characterization of Nanosilica from Rice Husk Ash by Sol-Gel Process

Inor. Chem 010


Endang Susilowati, Triyono, Sri Juari Santosa, Indriana Kartini

Synthesis of Silver-Chitosan Nanocomposites by Glucose As Reducing Agent and Their Antibacterial Activity

Inor. Chem 012


Febriyana Rizky Hapsari, Ersalina Nidianti, Warsito, Edi Priyo Utomo

Analysis In Silico on Stucture-Odor Relationship (SOR) Of Organoleptic-Tested Compounds

Inor. Chem 013


Indah Uswatun Hasanah, Ria Armunanto, Bambang Setiadji

A Theorytical Study Properties of Semiconductor Metalloporphyrin Complexes Calculated  Density Functional Theory Method (DFT)

Inor. Chem 014


Jannatin ´Ardhuha

Characterization of The FePd/NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Film for Sensor Applications

Inor. Chem 015


Lia Destiarti, Nelly Wahyuni, Ahmad Yani

Synthesis of Zeolite A from Capkala Kaolin by Varying Mass of Alumunium Oxide: XRD spectrum and CEC number of products

Inor. Chem 019


Maula Eka Sriyania, Aang Hanafiah W.S.

Physicochemical Characteristics of 99mTc-dtpa-ketoconazole as A Radiopharmaceutical for Deep Seated Fungal Detection

Inor. Chem 020


Muhamad Basit Febrian, Aminudin Sulaeman, Muhayatun Santoso

Preliminary Study of Comparison of EDXRF and ICP-AES Techniques for the Measurement of Elements in Fine Particulate Matter (PM2,5) : Accuracy and Precision of XRF Technique

Inor. Chem 021


Muhdarina, Nurhayati, Flora Sijabat

Characterization of Phosphated Palas Clay

Inor. Chem 022


Nugrahaning Wuri Hakiki, Maria Christina P., Isti Daruwati

Labelling of M41S-NH2 with Technetium-99m Radionuclide: Comparison Direct Method with Indirect Method in The Radiosynovectomy Application

Inor. Chem 026


Nurul Hidayati Fithriyah, Erdawati

Preservation of Recycled Paper Coated with Chitosan Nanoparticle and Ca(OH)2 Nano-Dispersant in Isopropanol

Inor. Chem 027


Putu Sukmabuana, Poppy Intan Tjahaja, and Anton Winarko

A Surveilence on Tritium Radionuclide in Surface Soil of The TRIGA 2000 Reactor Site, Bandung

Inor. Chem 029


Radite Yogaswara, Ria Armunanto

Theoretical Study of CO Adsorption on Neutral (q=0) and Charged (q=1,-1) Ninq(n=3-5) Clusters Using DFT Method

Inor. Chem 030


Restu Kartiko Widi, Arief Budhyantoro, Emma Savitri

Reaction Study of Phenol Hydroxylation on Al/Fe Pillared and HDTMA Intercalated Bentonite Catalyst

Inor. Chem 031


Singgih Hartanto,  Achmadin Luthfi, Sri Handayani

Characterization of Membrane PVA/Silica and  PVA/Zeolite for  Purification Bioethanol by The Vapor Permeation Process.

Inor. Chem 034


Triastuti Sulistyaningsih, Sri Juari Santosa, Dwi Siswanta, Bambang Rusdiarso

Hydrothermal Efek on Magnetite-Mg/Al-NO3-HT Composite Synthesis

Inor. Chem 036


Tutik Setianingsih, Indriana Kartini, Yateman Arryanto

Synthesis of Mesoporous Carbon from Fructose by using Activator of Zinc Borosilicate at Low Temperature

Inor. Chem 037


Linda Dwitasari, Tutik Dwi Wahyuningsih, Indriana Kartini

HOMO and LUMO Determination of Chlorophyllin and Xanthophyll Dyes using Cyclic Voltammetry

Inor. Chem 040


Erni Astuti, Yateman Arryanto, Indriana Kartini

Facile Hydrothermal Synthesis of Various Nanostructured Titania

Inor. Chem 041


Arief Rahmatulloh, Lukman Atmaja, Nurul Widiastuti

Korelasi Konsentrasi Silane dan Suhu Operasi Terhadap Konduktivitas Membran Komposit Kitosan – Fly Ash untuk Aplikasi Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell

Inor. Chem 042


Paulina Taba, Marthinus Pongsendana, Eldayanti Ruru

Thiol-Functionalized Mesoporous Silica, MCM-48 as Adsorbent Ag(I) and Cd(II) Ions

Inor. Chem 043


F. Widhi Mahatmanti, Nuryono, Narsito

Synthesis of Chitosan-Silica Film using Sodium Silicate Solution from Rice Hull Ash

Inor. Chem 044


Maria Dewi Astuti, Dwi Rasy Mujiyanti, Dahlena Ariyani, Mustika Rahmadini

Perbandingan Sifat Karakteristik Silika Gel Sintesis dari Abu Sekam Padi Daerah Gambut dan Komersial

Inor. Chem 045


Husna Amalya Melati

Corrosion Protection Efficiency of Hybrid Polymers Coatings based TMSPMA Monomers on Carbon Steel in Saline Environment Evaluated by Electrochemical Measurements

Inor. Chem 046


Busroni, Jumina, Sri Juari Santosa, Dwi Siswanta

Synthesis and Characterization of Mono(carboxy methoxy)- tert.butylcalix[4]arenes  via In Direct Acylation

Org. Chem 001


Desi Suci Handayani, Zaenal Arifin AA, Gigih Ari Sadewo, Triana Kusumaningsih, Yuniawan Hidayat, Abu Masykur

Synthesis of Copoly (Eugenol-DVB) Impregnated C-Hexyl Calix[4]Resorcinarene  as  Adsorbent for Dye Remazol Yellow FG

Org. Chem 002


Eka Dian Pusfitasari, M. Sokolowsky

Separation of Petroleum Fractions Containing C20-C40 by Using Simple Vacuum Distillation

Org. Chem 003


Eka Dian Pusfitasari, M. Sokolowsky

The Making of Hydrocarbon Standard Mixture with Markers to Qualitative Identification Based on Kovats Retention Index and to Make Easy The Visualization on The Identification by Using GC-FID

Org. Chem 004


Eni Budiyati, Nurul Widya, Tri Utami

Effect of Ratio S/L and Particle’s Diameter on The Percentage of Extracted Polyphenol In The Extraction Polyphenol from Malang Apple Skin

Org. Chem 005


Fera Kurniadewi, Yana M. Syah, Lia D. Juliawaty, and Euis H. Hakim

Neolignans and Aphorphine Alkaloids from Cryptocarya Tawaensis Merr

Org. Chem 007


Harry Noviardi, Fachrurrazie

Active Compounds Screening for Herbal Drug in Silicon by Binding Affinity and Toxicity as Androgen Receptor Inhibitors on Prostate Cancer

Org. Chem 008


Juliati Br. Tarigan, Jamaran Kaban

Antioxsidant and Antimicrobial Activity of Edible Film Galactomannan “Kolang-kaling” (Arenga pinnata) Incorporated with Extract Essential Oil of  Ginger Rhizomes (Zingiber officinale Rose)

Org. Chem 009


Masruri, Mohamad Lutfilah, Ady Sumaryanto, Mohamad Farid Rahman

Quinazoline Alkaloid from Indonesian Angsret (Spathodea campanulata Beauv) Stembark as A Growth Inhibitor of Staphylococcus aureus

Org. Chem 011


Mutiara Widawati, Pandji Wibawa D.

Slow Release Encapsulation of Piper betle L. Essential Oils as an Alternative Biolarvicide for Aedes aegypti

Org. Chem 012


Sigit E. Januar, Purwantiningsih Sugita, Budi Arifin

Chemical Components Characterization of Nonpolar Fraction of SinyoNakal (Durantarepens) Fruit Extract

Org. Chem 019


Siti Mariyah Ulfa, Hideki Okamoto, Kyosuke Satake

The [1,5]-Sigmatropic Hydrogen Rearrangement of 3H-Azepine to 4H-Azepine

Org. Chem 020


Steven Sastradi, Baitha P. Maggadani, and Hayun*

Synthesis of Nitro Derivative of 3-(4-Chlorophenyl)-2-Methyl-Quinazolin-4-One using Various Nitration Agents

Org. Chem 022


Takanori Matsuda and Norio Miura

Rhodium(I)-Catalyzed Ring-Opening Benzannulation of Cyclobutenols with Alkynes

Org. Chem 024


Triana Kusumaningsih, Jumina, Dwi Siswanta, Mustofa

Resin Poly-25,26,27,28-tetraallyloxycalix[4]arene Compound as Adsorbent for Chromium(III) and Cadmium(II) Metal Ions

Org. Chem 025


Zaimahwati, Harry Agusnar, Teuku Rihayat, Saharman Gea

The Preparation of Polyol from Palm Oil  as Row Material of Polyurethane  Elastomer

Org. Chem 026


Indarto, Jumina, Tutik Dwi Wahyuningsih

Synthesis of Sunscreen Compounds of Calix[4]Resorcinarene  Derivatives of Benzophenone and Cinnamate Series from p-Anisaldehyde

Org. Chem 028


Jufrizal Syahri, Kamal Rullah, dan Denny Saputra

Hydroxydammarenone-II from Shorea teysmanniana Dier Bark

Org. Chem 031



Synthesis of Hapten 6-(4,6-diamino-1,3,5-triazin-2-ylamino) hexanoic acid and Polyclonal Antibody Production for The Development of A Melamine Immunoassay

Org. Chem 032


Leni Legasari

Synthesis of Hapten 4 (4,6-diamino-1,3,5-triazine-2-ylamino) Butanoic Acid and Antibody Production for the Development Selective Detection of Melamine used ELISA Method

Org. Chem 033


B. Piluharto, I. Oktavianawati, Istiqomah

Effect Temperature Treatment on Physicochemical and Water Permeability Properties Of Polisulfon Modified Membranes

Phys. Chem 001


Endang Tri Wahyuni, Siwitama Wiryawati, Sugeng Triyono

Study on Sequential Removal of Detergent and  Cu(II) Ion in Waste Water  Using Photocatalytic  Method with TiO2 Suspension

Phys. Chem 003


F. Khoerunnisa, R. Futamura, T. Fujimori, T. Itoh, D. Minami, K. Fujisawa, S. Mukai, T. Konishi, M. Endo, T. Fujikawa, K. Kaneko

X-ray Absorption of Well-Characterized Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Phys. Chem 004


Herlan Martono, Aisyah, Wati

Effect of Temperature to The Waste-Glass of Vitrification Product and Stainless Steel Canister in The Interm Storage

Phys. Chem 006


Imelda Fajriati, Mudasir, Endang Tri Wahyuni

The Influence of Cu(II) on Methyl Orange and Methylene Blue Photodegradation Catalyzed by TiO2–Chitosan Nanocomposites

Phys. Chem 008


Is Fatimah, Hijrah Purnama Putra, Thorikul Huda, Imam Sahroni

TiO2/Clay  Based Ceramic Membrane for Nitrate Removal by Flow Adsorption System

Phys. Chem 009


Maria Ulfa, Indriana Kartini, Iip Izul Falah and  Wega Trisunaryanti

Surface and Pore Structures of Gelatin Based Mesoporous Carbons Studied by Nitrogen Adsorption and Thermal Gravimetry Methods

Phys. Chem 011


Masdania Zurairah Siregar

Application and Characterization of Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) of Palm Shell with CVD Method as an Adsorbent

Phys. Chem 012


Pratiwi Pudjiastuti, Sri Sumarsih, Hery Suwito, JalifahLatip, A.M.Thunnissen, A. Meetsma,

Crystal and Molecular Structure of Erythrinine from Erythrina Crysta-galli

Phys. Chem 013


Puguh Setyopratomo, Yon Haryono

Design and Performance Test of a Small Scale Crushing and Briquetting Machine to Produce Fuel Briquettes from Municipal Solid Waste by Densification Technology

Phys. Chem 014


Ridla Bakri, Debby Noviana

Syntheses of Ni/Zeolite Catalyst and Its Application in Benzene Hydrogenation to Cyclohexane

Phys. Chem 015


Rina Ristiana, Yayat Iman Supriatna

Simulation and Performance Ferromanganese Processing Tests with Single Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)

Phys. Chem 017


Rodiansono, Shogo Shimazu

Size-Controlled Synthesis of Nickel Nanoparticles Catalysts and Application to Effective Hydrogenation of biomass-derived Xylose into Xylitol

Phys. Chem 018


Rudy Situmeang, R. Supryanto, Mitra Septanto, and Septian Sulisthio

NixCoyFe1-x-yO4 Nanocatalyst : Preparation, Characterization and Catalytic Activity on CO2/H2 Conversion

Phys. Chem 019


Tengku Rachmi Hidayani

Making Packing Materials with Mixed Biodegradable Plastics Polypropylene and α-Cellulose Derived from Bagasse (Saccharum officinarum)

Phys. Chem 020


Tuty Dwi Sriaty Matondang, Basuki Wirjosentono, Darwin Yunus

Pati Sagu Kelapa Sawit Sebagai Pengisi Pada Pembuatan Plastik Kemasan Terbiodegradasikan Dari Polipropilena Tergrafting Anhidrida Maleat

Phys. Chem 022


Edy Widodo, Suryo Guritno, Sri Haryatmi

Response Surface Models with Data Outliers (Case Study "Xanthan Gum Production")

Phys. Chem 026


Jaka Nugraha, Is Fatimah

Comparison of Linear Model and Probit Model on Photocatalyst Activity Modeling

Phys. Chem 027


Donatus Setyawan Purwo Handoko, Triyono, Narsito, Tutik Dwi Wahyuningsih, Morina Bangun

Konversi Katalitik 1-oktadekanol Menjadi Senyawa yang Mudah Terbakar (1-okatadekena) dengan Katalis ZSiA dalam Reaktor Sistem Fixed bed

Phys. Chem 028


Suyanta, Narsito, Endang Tri Wahyuni,

Triyono , Sutarno

The Dependence of Cristallinity and Hydrothermal Stability of the Product in the Synthesis of MCM-41 on the Molar Ratio of K2SO4/CTMAB

Phys. Chem 033


Anis Kristiani, Nurdin Effendi, Dyah Styarini, Fauzan Aulia, Yanni Sudiyani

Effect of Pretreatment by using Electron Beam Irradiation on Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch

Phys. Chem 034


Theresia Mutia, Rifaida Eriningsih

Electro - Spinning of Alginate/PVA and Gelatin/PVA Fibers for Primary Wound Dressing Application

Phys. Chem 036






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