Graduate Profile

The Master of Chemistry Study Program (MCSP) graduates are personnel in the field of chemistry who have the knowledge, skills and abilities to plan, implement and develop educational, industrial, environmental, research and service activities related to chemical expertise. MCSP graduates are predicated experts in the field of chemistry in charge of planning, organizing, implementing, monitoring, controlling, supervising and assessing development and environmental sustainability in line with the basic principles of sustainability and green chemistry, based on basic knowledge of chemistry and the main focus of development research, namely on the development of essential oils, materials and electrochemicals for energy and the environment and non-essential oils for health and food.

The basic profile of all MCSP graduates is to have a character of knowledge and practice and scientific practice based on Al-Qurán and hadith so that they have the values ​​of integrity, academic ethics, professionalism, and independence. Descriptions of the profiles of MCSP graduates can be seen in Table 1.

Graduate profile Description
Researcher Researcher profile from PSMK has the characteristics of being able to apply mastered scientific knowledge as a reference for solving concrete problems and scientific development including the ability to analyze and interpret sophisticated chemical instrumentation data, be able to develop ideas, design and carry out research with outcomes that are beneficial to the community, especially those related to the development of essential oils, materials and electrochemicals for energy and the environment as well as the development of non-essential natural materials for health and food.
Experts / Consultants Expert Profile produced from PSMK is appropriate and refers to the level 8 Indonesian National Qualification Framework (KKNI) standard, namely being able to master and apply knowledge, technology in the chemical field, able to solve problems especially those related to with chemistry that is developing in society, has technical skills ( technical knowhow ) and managerial abilities ( managerial knowhow ) in professional performance, and has a character of flexibility in professional development and upholds ethics according to the teachings of the Qur’an and Hadith.
Educators (teachers / lecturers) Able to increase the effectiveness of learning, especially in the field of chemistry, and focus on mastering the basic content of future-minded science ( science in progress ).
Technopreuner Able to do innovation, creation, planning and business management based on skills and knowledge, especially in chemistry which focuses on job creation.