The MSCP vision is:

“In 2030, the Master of Chemistry Study Program will become the best Chemistry
Master Program in Indonesia, in the fields of developing essential oils, materials and
electrochemical for energy and the environment, isolation and non-volatile synthesis
for health and as rahmatan lil alamin”.

The MCSP mission is as follows:

  1. Become a superior study program in graduate-level of chemistry as a world-class
    higher education management in the field of master of chemistry by upholding divine
    revelation and the sunnah of the Prophet as a source of eternal truth that brings grace
    to the universe.
  2. Become the MCSP superior in conducting research as science and technology
    development, producing works that are recognized nationally and internationally and
    are beneficial to people’s lives.
  3. Become the MCSP superior in organizing community service in a professional
    manner to actualize research results so that there is a close relationship with the
    community and an increase in community welfare.
  4. Become the MCSP superior in conducting collaborations to build networks in
    education, research, community service and Islamic da’wah activities.