Poster Format and Presentation Format of WSCC


World Sustainable Chemistry Challenge 2019

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Universitas Islam Indonesia

Poster Format


  1. All teams are required to prepare a poster (A1 size), summarizing the proposed ideas.
  2. Design and content are up to the participants’ creativity — a minimum font of 22 for content text. Please also consider the background and font color for the convenience of the audience.
  3. Participants will have the opportunity to explain their ideas to the judges and guests using the prepared poster throughout the competition day.
  4. Poster Presentation Session: Each team will give a short presentation of their poster and innovation (about 3 minutes) to the judges, then the judges could give the questions (about 3 minutes) and mark their performance in the assessment sheet. We have a maximum time of 6 minutes for each team in the poster session.
  5. Posters printed by the contestants, we do not serve poster printing.


Presentation Format


  1. Presentation topics are not allowed to be changed.
  2. Teams are allowed to improve the content from the Preliminary Round submissions, as long as the overall topic is not changed.
  3. Teams will be allocated 10 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for receiving questions from the judges.
  4. The file must be saved on a USB drive and brought to the registration desk.
  5. Name the file with your team name (e.g. Innovator_ID.pptx & copy of PDF file as backup). Technicians will assist presenters to preview their presentations on the computer at the Desk to make sure they will work properly.
  6. The use of models/prototypes/props to assist and enhance your presentation is allowed, but not compulsory.
  7. Presentation hall will contain the following basic equipment:
  • Microphone, Laser pointer, and notebook computer.
  • LCD projector.
  • Judges’ desk.
  • Timekeeper’s desk.
  • Screen to display the file.
  • Small space to display your models/prototypes/props (if any)


Note: Only 10 of the best teams from the poster presentation assessment will present the paper