The Master of Chemistry Study Program (MCSP), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Islamic University of Indonesia (FMIPA-UII) is a new study program that was established in 2018. The Master of Chemistry Study Program is the 4th study program under the auspices of the Department of Chemistry, FMIPA, in addition to the Chemistry Study Program, S1 Chemical Education, and D3 Chemical Analysis based on the Decree of the Director-General of DIKTI No.1142 / KPT / 1/2018.

The establishment of the MCSP FMIPA UII was motivated by the high market demand for chemistry graduates with master competencies, such as researchers in private and government research institutions, consultants/experts in various fields of chemistry, lecturers/teachers, and research-based entrepreneur (techno / sciencepreneur). In addition, with the establishment of MCSP FMIPA UII, it will improve the quality of research results and outputs from the Department of Chemistry, FMIPA UII in particular, and UII in general.

Education at MCSP FMIPA UII is designed to prepare chemistry master graduates who have perfect faith and devotion so that they can become the basis for developing science and research to face the challenges of change. Global changes in the industrial era 4.0 will create many challenges that are closely related to the fields of industry, health, energy and the environment. Therefore, graduates of MCSP FMIPA UII are designed to be able to make a big contribution to this global change for the good of the universe.