Research excellencies

The Master of Chemistry Study Program (MCSP) has determined research excellencies which lead to 3 (three) excellent topics, namely:

  1. Development of essential oils and their derivative products
  2. Development of Materials for energy and the environment
  3. Development of natural materials for health and food

Research development patterns that support learning and service activities to the community carried out according to the scheme in Figure 1

Figure 1. Relationship of research excellencies and areas of expertise

The realization of the determination of research excellence is carried out through the empowerment of research group laboratories. Based on this scheme, currently, MCSP has one research laboratory with lecturers and students and 5 (five) research group labs.

Development of Essential Oils and their derivative products

The focus of research on the leading topics of essential oil development includes the isolation and synthesis of essential oil derivatives (clove oil, ginger oil, patchouli oil, jasmine oil, etc.).

Figure 2. Essential oils

Development of Material for Energy and Environment

Research on Materials for Energy and the Environment is focused on the development of materials (natural and synthetic zeolite and clay class materials, silica, carbide, natural cellulose-based materials, natural starch, and agricultural industrial waste as well as activated carbon, mining-based materials, semiconductor materials, marnegtik, chitin and chitosan-based materials, as well as natural and synthetic polymer materials. In addition, Electrochemical research for Energy and Environment focuses on electrochemical technology approaches for humans and the environment, including electrochemical applications for enzyme-based sensors (electroanalysis), wastewater degradation (electrodegradation). ), and water disinfection (electrodisinfection).

Figure 3. Electrochemical degradation of batik, laundry and textile waste

Natural Material Development for Health and Food

The leading research topic Isolation and Non-Essential Synthesis for Health and Food, it focuses on the development of natural plant-based drugs and organic synthesis, food modification and diversification, and the development of natural pesticides.

Figure 4. Synthesis of natural product