Student Publications

Name Title
1.         Aribah Zulfa Hidayah ( Enhanced Performance Process Elektroflotasi Using Biokoagulan Peanut Arab ( Cicer arietinum ) In Treatment Waste Water Lindi ).
2.         Atika Nurul Hidayah ( Processing Waste Leather Mete As Biodiesel By Using The reaction of transesterification ).
3.         Bilgiis Sirliyanda Putri ( Effect of Addition of Extract Termite Land ( Macrotermes gilvus Hagen ) On Making Ethanol From Skin Banana Kepok ( Moses Paradisiaca L. ) varieties Kepok Yellow With Method Simultaneous Saccarification and Fermentation / SSF ).
4.         Febi Rahmawati ( Synthesis and Karaktrisasi Composite Carbon Active / Al 2 O 3 with the method of hydrothermal for the adsorption of methyl orange)
5.         Meike Mulwandari ( Decreased Levels of Nitrate On Water Swimming Pond Shrimp With Method Electrocoagulation Using electrode aluminum (Al) ).
6.         Puthut Marhaendro D. ( The Effect of Nigela sativa Supplementatioon of TNF-α Serum Levels in Acne Vulgaris Patients ).
7.         Rina Maulina ( Red galangal ( Alpinia galangal L. ) Oil Microencapsulation Using Complex Coacervation Method with Arb-Gelatin Gum Matrix ).
8.         Riska Anjely ( Synthesis of Mg-Zn Composite Modified KOH as catalyst bases Heterogeneous To Convert Biodiesel Using Methods Wave Micro and reflux )
9.         Sesy Ardianti ( Visible Light Sensitization of ZnO- Porous Clay Heterostructure Photocatalyst Using Ruthenium Complex ).
10.  Siti Jumrah ( Enhanced Performance Process Elektroflotasi By Biokoagulan Biji Asam Jawa ( Tamarindus indica ) In Treatment Air Lindi ).
11.  Sri Umayah ( Formulation of Liquid Shop with Cold Process From Citronella Oil ( Cymbopogon nardus L. ) and Tegobetaine ).
12.  Zulfa Zuhrufa ( Preparation , Characterization and Catalytic Activity of Sulfated Zirconia with Variations of the Sol-Gel Method ).
13.  Amri Yahya Potency of clay-based heterogeneous catalyst in citronellal conversion into isopulegol : Literature review
14.  Zulfa Zuhrufa Molecular interaction analysis of COX-2 Against Aryl Amino Alcohol derivative as anti-breast cancer using molecular docking