Nandang Kurniawan Yusup, Is Fatimah, Riyanto

Program Studi Ilmu Kimia FMIPA Universitas Islam Indonesia


Preparation of Fe(III)-montmorillonite as photocatalyst degradation of methyl orange has been examined. The preparation is done by mixing a solution of FeCl3 with montmorillonite solution which has stirred for 24 hours and calcined at 300oC for 4 hours. Synthesized result were characterized by X-Ray Diffraction, Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) and atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS). The formation of Fe(III)- montmorillonite is identified by the shift of peak from 6.3o to 5.8o of angle reflections on the field of d001, showed increasing of surface area, total volume of pores and increasing of iron concentration. Activity test of Fe(III)-montmorillonite as photocatalyst degradation is performed in the solution of methyl orange 10-5 M with time variations are 0, 15, 30, 60, 120, and 240 minutes. To determine the optimum conditions for activity of Fe (III)-montmorillonite degradation process carried out in conditions of  with variations pH 4, pH 7 and pH 10. The results showed that the activity of Fe (III)-montmorillonite optimum in degrading methyl orange on pH 4 photooxidation conditions with declining 61.94%.

Keywords: Montmorillonite, Fe(III)-montmorillonite, photocatalyst, methyl orange

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